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Sky Swap

Skyswap Espana  S.l. was started in Benalmadena in 2015 and has been serving the community across the whole province of Andalucia for more than 6 years now. We have kept growing and are now located in our bright new offices in Torremolinos located beside the train station exit.

We were the first company to provide a competitive rental internet service allowing short term visitors to stay connected while on holiday without missing their favourite TV programmes from home. We provide internet in the form of fibre optic and 4G and in this confusing and sometimes frustrating market we will endeavour to find the best and most reliable service for your location. We have one of the best customer service and support services available when things go wrong. We aim to set up your service as quickly as possible and in most cases this means the same day. We have a variety of internet and mobile phone services as you can see from our ad.

Contact us today if you require the best mobile and internet service available.


Please click on the links below to see the excellent services they provide to our members. Please mention us in any enquiry you may have.